Modern technology has made online training an increasingly important part of contemporary organizations. The opportunity to have employees participate in web-based training is one that many organizations have exploited. But others have yet to realize the advantages that online training management systems offer over traditional methods of training. For those that are still delivering their corporate training in an old fashioned classroom setting, here are some of the basic benefits of online training.

1. Convenience

Online training negates the necessity of gathering staff together in one place for a training course. Online training systems allow people to get together wherever in the world they are located. With the proliferation of mobile devices, they need not even be based in an office.

2. Immediacy

There is an immediacy to online training that can never be imitated by training in a classroom setting. Online training incurs no delays related to waiting for trainers, or venues to become available, or for any other possible delay. Systems such as eLeaP offer a 24/7 access that simply cannot be offered by ‘real world’ training.

3. Interactivity

Instead of requiring trainees to sit in a classroom and passively listen to a tutor, online training revolves around interactivity. Although ‘real world’ training can incorporate elements of interactivity intended to make the process more interesting and engaging, the process is fundamentally more passive than operating an online training package. And it is, of course, much easier to test and monitor progress with a IT-based system such as eLeaP.

4. Self-Direction

Another big difference between online training courses and those set in a classroom setting is the flexibility for the individual. Within any significantly sized group of people will always be people that learn at differing speeds, and a wide range of differing levels of attainment and strengths and weaknesses. Reconciling all of these characteristics within a singular training course can be extremely difficult, and is definitely an inexact science.

By contrast, utilizing online training enables all members of staff to work at their own speed, and equally importantly enables each and every one to prioritize their own specific learning needs.

5. Value for Money

The overheads involved in online training are absolutely negligible compared to those associated with ‘real world’ training. Courses set in a classroom setting necessitate trainers to be hired, a specific location must be set aside, or often hired, there can be traveling costs and expenses associated with accommodation. All of these expenses are eliminated by online training,which often simply requires a download. In the case of eLeaP, its online nature ensures that no software downloads or hardware updates will ever be required, ensuring significant savings over ‘real world’ training.

Thus, many companies and corporations are turning to online courses in order to deliver their training needs, as it becomes increasingly evident that they deliver more engaging content, at a cheaper price, in a considerably more convenient package than even the very best ‘real world’ training.

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