Motivational training, especially for management staff and top sales performers, is still very much dominated by expensive, off-site sessions led by motivational “gurus” who claim to have special insight into how to make your people perform beyond all expectation. And to be sure, many of these speakers are exciting, dynamic, and possess wonderful ideas that you can put into practice after the session is over.

These off-site sessions make everyone feel good, but this type of training is outrageously expensive. It’s out of reach for smaller organizations, and increasingly, there’s simply no budget for it even for larger corporations. One must ask whether they are necessary, especially when online training has advanced to include such dramatic interactive features, multimedia support, testing and tracking—you’ll get a lot more accountability than you would were you to send your people to that session in Tahiti, where they can hide out at the tiki bar and drink mai-tais during the keynote address.

Does it work? Absolutely, and everybody’s doing it. Even Zig Ziglar, the granddaddy of motivational speaking and corporate training, has online sessions now.

Cloud-based, on-demand training doesn’t just have to be used for learning how to use the latest features of your productivity office software suite, or introducing new hires to the office policies. To be sure, there are certainly a lot of routine training that can be delivered very effectively with on-demand training, created with the eLeaP Learning Management System. But this type of on-demand training can go far beyond the routine and ordinary.

Management training, inspirational and motivational sessions and the like can just as easily be delivered through this platform, and with greater tracking and accountability than the traditional off-site live delivery methods that cost so much more. Motivational training, when created for online delivery, needs to be designed the same way as it is for in-person delivery. The “talking head and PowerPoint bullet” model of training is just too limited when you’re talking about this type of inspirational presentation.

This type of training calls for a special type of dynamic leader to deliver the session, and you may need to do a bit more than just sit the speaker down in front of a webcam. Use a wider angle, professional camera to capture whole-body movements (we all know, these types of speakers love to talk with their hands and move around the room), and also to capture their stage props. There will be chalkboards or whiteboards, visual aids and other types of demonstrations, so you may need to have somebody actually running the camera to follow the speaker as they move about the room giving their presentation.

Once you have the on-demand presentation completed, pair it with an activity that the participant can do immediately after the session. Make use of features like tracking to measure attendance, the Quiz Creator feature of eLeaP to take assessments, and a forum for follow-up informal learning so those who have gone through the training can talk with one another about what they’ve learned. The eLeaP training platform will give you a great start to providing affordable and effective motivational training to your management and sales staff.


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