Most organizations don’t consider the security of the online learning systems or learning management systems. As the web has matured into a stable and reliable medium for the deployment of services and applications, how can companies and organizations ensure the integrity of the learning management systems and online training software applications?

Don Weobong, President of Telania, Inc. a provider of training software solutions and learning management systems said of this issue, “the problem with non-secure learning systems and unencrypted web training software programs is a real threat to companies and organizations. Serious steps need to be taken to address this unsustainable situation”.

If your organization is deploying sensitive training materials or proprietary company information over a web-based training software application, you have to ensure that the wrong kind of people do not have access to it. While learning management systems can provide server-side software encryption, you need to also ensure the integrity of the user-side management interfaces. Does the system provide SSL (secure socket layer) encryption? Is the application hosted in-house or do you an external hosting partners hosting your learning management system? Does the application server use anti-virus, anti-spyware software or data encryption and firewalls to protect against unauthorized access and intrusions?

If all this sounds a bit confusing, then its time to get a learning management system partner who specializes in secure online learning systems. One of the few reliable companies in this space is Telania, Inc. with the eLeaP Learning Management System platform.

Because eLeaP is a hosted secure training solution, you don’t need to worry about the nuts and bolts of all the security concerns outlines above. Of course you still want to make sure the wrong people in your organization don’t get access to your secure content.

So to recap:

How secure is your online learning system?

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