They said the paperless office was going to save radically save money, trees and the environment. This was back in 1975 (Business Week). Perhaps at the risk of sounding passe, how can e-learning and web-based business training play into the whole Green is Good revolution going on.

From designing online training courses, to virtual registration and course assignments to completion quizzes and automatic certificate generation for users, e-learning and business training software is evolved to enable us make some real steps towards realizing some of the benefits espoused in the “paperless office” revolution.

Now that we are in presidential politics hyper mode, why don’t I hear any of the candidates talk about the potential of e-learning to “wean us from our addiction to ..” whatever is evil in our environmental consciousness.

I personally believe there is a business case to be made about the savings that can be experience from less travel, less hard copy printing, less time spent on manually managing corporate performance and talent development. If you are an HR professional, you probably have had your fill with all the “fires you put out each day”. Tracking an employees compliance and training completions is one more diversion. I challenge you to explore business training using e-learning training software. See if you can leverage this uniquely powerful medium to transform your organization into a green entity… after all that is a powerful marketing message.



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