What Executives and HR Professionals Need to Know About Developing Online Training

Here’s what you’ll find covered:

* What it takes to make online training effective
* 10 key methods to optimize online training for maximum impact
* Working with technical material
* Engaging learners and measuring impact
* Key elements in selecting a Learning Management System

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2008 is here and we have seen a flurry of activity from companies seeking to shore up their employee training programs. Do you need to know how to create online training or web-based e-learning training programs? Are concerned about distributing or tracking your training to your employees or staff members? Then I think you should seriously consider adding online training to your repertoire.

Why is training and training software important?

Creating easy to understand and access training can provide your organization with a solid background or foundation from which you can deploy employee policies and procedures. If employees, staff or supervisors understand their roles, and know their rules and regulations governing those roles, then it is easy to implement changes and as well as maintain your compliance with federal or state employment law requirements.

Are you required to have training?

Not really. But think what would happen if your competition has the most skilled and talented employees and you don’t. You think competition only comes from domestic sources? Think again! We are in global competition all the time. Employees should be open to learning new skills and talents and organizations should provide their facilities and training software to enable their staff reach their full potential …. the mind indeed is a terrible thing to waste!

Furthermore, if you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having to defend yourself or your company, sometimes having crucial evidence of training records from your training software system can make all the difference. Seriously consider investing in a training software.

Ok I am ready … what next

  1. Before purchasing a training software system, you need to do your home work. What are the specific training needs your organization has? Are training 20 or 200? Do you need a system which is scalable to grow with your organization?
  2. How about security and uptime records? Security is important. You need to have your users and training materials protected. Your online training software also needs to always be available 24/7.
  3. Make sure you can easily download reports and export completion reports out of your training software system.
  4. Finally, do you financial diligence. Is the training software company trust worthy? Are they financially sound? And lastly..
  5. What is the cost? Are there hidden charges? Setup fees? Maintenance fees? Make sure they give you the complete picture before you sign any agreement.

So its a brand new year full of possibilities. Take the training challenge. Try a training software tool today.

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