Telania | eLeaP | Azimio, a Louisville KY based Learning Management Systems and Billing Management Systems provider has announced the release of the second version of the eLeaP API for eLeaP LMS Platform.

After releasing eLeaP API v.1, we have not rested. We continued to tinker and improve and the result is the most powerful LMS API on the market.

Some of the new features of the API module include adding, removing, editing users. Also remotely resetting passwords, deactivating and re-activating users, exporting completion reports for users. In addition, our customers can remotely setup and manage User Groups, adding users to multiple user groups and even un-assigning users from user groups.

We were not done; using the Career Path Calling Methods, eLeaP customers can list, assign and un-assign users to various Career Paths (groups of advanced learning modules). They can also add and remove Career Paths remotely. User Groups can even to assigned and unassigned to Career Paths with ease and efficiency.

In addition, eLeaP added several new Calling Methods in the API module. This way customers can also find, list, assign, un-assign users and user groups to Courses and trainings

Taking together these upgrades to the API system will enable eLeaP customers to smartly and easily integrate their eLeaP LMS account to internal systems including HR Information Systems, Employee and HR Management Systems and even Ecommerce applications.

Innovation is our birthright. We continue to simplify online training and eLearning management by providing to tools and resources you need to succeed.

To check out the API system and because the API requires authentication, customers are encouraged to contact our customer service staff to register and activate their API accounts.

Once the API is activated on an account, customers can begin sending Callable Methods by sending a request to the API endpoint. A response will then be sent back to their program.

Sign up for an API account now. Go to to contact us.

To learn more about the eLeaP LMS API, go to

About eLeaP™ e-Learning Management System Solutions

eLeaP™ e-Learning Solutions provides SCORM certified training and e-learning management systems that enable organizations of any size, maximize employee performance and minimize liability and risks from lack of compliance and industrial training. The eLeaP™ Learning Management System is designed to fit any organization size. With it you, will have the sophistication favored by big companies. Yet, you can enjoy the flexibility, simplicity and customization of a learning management system that will not overwhelm or financially drain smaller organizations.


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We have known engineering and technical talents are getting harder to come by. Well one engineering firm seems to have found the answer — hire “fresh outs” – these are fresh graduates out of college.

Partly for new talent and also for ability to transform certain stale organizational cultures.

“Efficiencies gained
Schlumberger’s fresh-outs-only policy is part of a longstanding recruiting strategy.

“The idea is that our industry is unique and the company has its own culture,” Hood says. “We develop new hires and they progress into other responsibilities. We give employees the opportunity to have a diverse career without leaving the company.”

New hires undergo a three- to five-year field engineer training program, with three promotions typically occurring during that time. The training program represents a substantial investment for the company.”

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The Employment and Training Administration (ETA), U.S. Department of
Labor (DOL), announced the availability of approximately $125 million
in grant funds for Community-Based Job Training Grants. Community-Based
Job Training Grants will be awarded through a competitive process to
support workforce training for high-growth/high-demand industries
through the national system of community and technical colleges. Funds
will be awarded to individual public community and technical colleges,
community college districts, state community college systems, and
One-Stop Career Centers to support or engage in a combination of
capacity building and training activities for the purpose of building
the capacity of community colleges to train individuals for careers in
high-growth/high-demand industries in the local and/or regional




Bath Savings Trust Company Chooses Edcomm to Deliver Elder Financial Abuse Compliance Training
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