Ever since we launched eLeaP LMS and Training Software, we have obviously been testing different methods and strategies for marketing this Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. For those that don’t know what SaaS is, Wikipedia has an insightful article on SaaS. In short form SaaS is a methodology and platform of thinking that says we can deliver software (mostly over the Internet) in much the same was as services are rendered in bricks and mortar businesses. There are some unique advantages to delivering software as a service.

  1. No need for large capital expenses.
  2. Less need for internal training as the system comes pre-built and all you have to do is plug in to it.
  3. Lower administrative staff required. The SaaS application is being managed externally. All you need to do is log into your account and begin using your service.
  4. Reduced start up costs. Because there is no need to custom installations, software and hardware purchases and all the complexities of systems implementation, most companies can afford SaaS applications.

So if SaaS is so great where are more companies not adopting it? The reason can be as simple as the lack of proper sales people marketing SaaS. As with any “new” strategy, sales professionals need the right tools to be able to effectively market SaaS. To this end, the new book “How to Sell SaaS” by Don Weobong, MBA, ICSA is a timely resource. Download a copy today and see how you and your team can expand your marketing reach and reap the potential of SaaS. Go to for your copy today.


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