So the boss is the guy or gal you used to hang around. Now they have the corner office and you are slightly resentful. But not as much as when they try to lecture you or dare I say it ‘boss you around‘. We know all know them. But does it have to be this way? Management training can be the catalyst to turn your managers into leaders and not just bosses or supervisors lording it over the hapless subordinates.

Are there ways that investing in management training can really turn these ‘monsters‘ into inspirational leaders leading the troops up a hillside? Sure there are:

1. You can change the thinking of both managers and subordinates through solid training programs.

2. Just because someone got promoted does not mean they have all the answers. Take the time to train your managers about team building, motivation, ethics, business communication and leadership and watch them sparkle and lead by example.

3. Employees are an interesting bunch right? Too much leeway and things fall apart, too strict and you can poison the work environment. Use management training to strive to create the right atmosphere and balance.

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