The eLearning Africa 2008 conference programme is now online.
With more than 240 speakers from 51 countries, 4 plenary sessions, 66
sessions in 11 parallel conference strands, 48 demonstrations and best
practice examples, 15 workshops and a number of exciting new features,
the event will again be a landmark in pan-African capacity building for
ICT-enhanced education and training.

This event is being hosted by Ghana, West Africa. eLearning
Africa has become the premier capacity-building event for
technology-enhanced education and training on the African

For more information or to register, go to: http://www.elearning-africa.com/

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For Immediate Release:

eLeaP and MedSenses announce partnership,
giving access to a complete e-learning solution for both individual
nurses and their healthcare organizations

whose expertise range from e-Learning Management Technologies
(eLeaP™) and Healthcare Training Solutions to Custom
Software Development and MedSenses, an emerging eLearning
that focuses on all things nursing, announce a partnership
in delivering web-based healthcare content through the eLeaP
Learning Management Platform.

The co-founders of MedSenses, Trisha Coady and Lynn Casey,
combine their invaluable nursing experience with a real passion
for continuing education to develop some of the most clinically
relevant and interactive content for nurses worldwide. “We
are thrilled to see the MedSenses content in the eLeaP system,
a very easy to use, yet intuitive learning management system.
We know our peers in healthcare who want the choice to purchase
either individual licenses or a corporate package will enjoy
embarking on their journey of learning with this combined
solution”, says Trisha Coady. MedSenses hopes the payoff
will be nurses with greater job satisfaction and sense of
value, attributes that both nursing and hospital administrators
can readily endorse.

The American Journal of Nursing reported that offering training
and educational opportunities to hospital personnel is increasingly
recommended as a retention and recruitment incentive. The
combination of content from MedSenses and the LMS platform
– eLeaP by Telania will provide hospitals with the ability
to efficiently and effectively train and educate their healthcare
“Telania is passionate about building robust and easy
to use software applications. MedSenses delivers rich, instructive
and quality nursing education. The combination of the eLeaP
Platform and MedSenses courseware presents a unique and powerful
educational tool for hospitals and healthcare providers.”

About Telania & eLeaP:
eLeaP™ LMS/LCMS is one of the first e-learning platforms
to deliver easy to use web-based training in a totally secure
128-Bit encrypted environment. eLeaP™ is designed to
allow any company training manager or supervisor, consultants
& other training professionals to quickly & painlessly
manage all of their online training needs in one secure, easy
to use web platform. You get your own unique learning portal
or URL. The eLeaP e-learning platform enables anyone to easily
and quickly create, manage and track training and e-learning
programs.. You don’t have to spend time and huge investment
of money to have your own unique training system. eLeaP™
does it for you. And it is totally secure! Additional information
is available at www.eleapsoftware.com or www.telania.com

About MedSenses Inc.:
MedSenses Inc. is an emerging content provider focused on
building courseware BY nurses FOR nurses. Having developed
a proprietary method for building educational content for
the nursing community, MedSenses offers a variety of titles
in the following sectors: Medical-Surgical, Cardiac, Critical
Care, Compliance, Pediatrics, Newborn, Neonatal, Emergency,
Ground Transport and Flight Transport. The courses integrate
solid medical and technical information with insight and stories
from real-world clinical experiences; complimented by medical
animations, interactivities and 3D graphics. Healthcare organizations
can now offer a high quality, cost-effective solution for
their continuing education programs. Additional information
is available at www.medsenses.com.


MedSenses Inc.
Lynn Casey, VP Marketing

Telania, LLC.
Don Weobong, President
(877) 624-7226



Learning Summit 2007

“Tools for SCORM®: What We Have and What We Need”

Tuesday 30 October – Wednesday 31 October 2007

Pre-conference Workshop: “Implementing SCORM®”

Monday 29 October 2007

FedEx Institute of Technology, Memphis, TN


You don’t want to miss the chance to actively participate in this open forum addressing current issues in the SCORM® community. Facilitated focus and panel group discussions will address the theme “Tools for SCORM®: What We Have and What We Need” in this meeting which brings together eLearning organizations and experts from around the world to highlight some of the latest technologies and project areas for growth and development in SCORM®.

eLearning Summit 2007

30/­31 October 2007

October 29, 2007 – Pre-conference Workshop

University of Memphis in
Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Workforce ADL


Why You Should Attend

No other conference in ADL history has been especially designed to address the particular needs of the SCORM user: Instructional Designers, Training Managers, Learning Officers, and Representatives of the industry and education sectors. ELearning Summit 2007 is a great opportunity for you to:

*  network and build relationships within the community
*  critically evaluate tools/utilities for SCORM
*  participate in discussion groups addressing future needs
*  understand the advanced technical underpinnings for future learning systems

eLearning terms & resources:



Learning Technologies 2007 opens its doors this week on Wednesday 31 January and Thursday 1 February 2 at London Olympia 2 Europe’s leading learning and skills exhibition and conference, covering every aspect of organisational learning and performance improvement technology, will showcase all that the learning industry has to offer to business.

Read more or register at: http://www.trainingpressreleases.com/newsstory.asp?NewsID=2559



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