Investing in a learning management system can involve a certain amount of time, and definitely an outlay of money. Thus, it goes without saying that any organization that makes such an investment wants to maximize its return. While you may have already decided that an LMS system is an absolute must for your organization, and that it will definitely pay off for you, nonetheless, it’s preferable to squeeze every drop of juice out of your purchase. But what approach is most likely to achieve the results that you’re looking for?

One of the most basic and effective tools at your disposal is simply communicating the value of your LMS system to every level of your

Invest in your people (and a little technology). Image by Baldiri

Invest in your people (and a little technology). Image by Baldiri.

organization, from brand new employees to the very top echelons of executives, is essential in getting across the message of how important LMS is to your organization. Ironically, established employees who often benefit from LMS as much as new employees, as their work within your organization could have resulted in their skillset becoming stagnant, while new employees bring fresh ideas, optimism and momentum to an organization.

Of course, new employees often need bringing up to speed on the basic processes and can benefit greatly from an effective Learning Management system, but they are considerably more likely to be receptive to the need for them to undergo such a procedure. Some of your more experienced members of staff, who have been with the organization for a much longer period of time, may view the idea of training having been with the company for several years as patronizing and unnecessary.

Thus, it pays to take some time to sell the LMS system to your employees. Not just those at the bottom. Getting everyone on board with a holistic LMS policy a top to bottom effort within a company, and if it isn’t carried out properly then you won’t feel the full benefits of the LMS system that you’ve invested energy, time and money in.

To achieve this support across your organization, you firstly need to instil in management how important the successful implementation and adoption of the new LMS is to the organization. Convincing the executive level of your organization that LMS is important is vital to its fully successful implementation. Usually, a good way of demonstrating this is to give tangible evidence of how adoption of the LMS across the organization can deliver both direct savings and avoided costs. Bottom lines usually play well with this sector of an organization.

With regard to the ‘shop floor’ sectors of your organization, a little marketing comes in useful here. Regular email communications, ideally featuring images, graphics and even videos, distributed globally throughout your organization can have a very positive effect on LMS take-up. Pop-up ads on the company’s intranet can also be useful, as can physical advertisements and promotion in small businesses. The concept to particularly get across is that LMS is going to make employees’ everyday jobs easier and more enjoyable.

By promoting your LMS system, you maximize the benefits, making your investment even wiser.

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