Most organizations don’t consider the security of the online learning systems or learning management systems. As the web has matured into a stable and reliable medium for the deployment of services and applications, how can companies and organizations ensure the integrity of the learning management systems and online training software applications?

Don Weobong, President of Telania, Inc. a provider of training software solutions and learning management systems said of this issue, “the problem with non-secure learning systems and unencrypted web training software programs is a real threat to companies and organizations. Serious steps need to be taken to address this unsustainable situation”.

If your organization is deploying sensitive training materials or proprietary company information over a web-based training software application, you have to ensure that the wrong kind of people do not have access to it. While learning management systems can provide server-side software encryption, you need to also ensure the integrity of the user-side management interfaces. Does the system provide SSL (secure socket layer) encryption? Is the application hosted in-house or do you an external hosting partners hosting your learning management system? Does the application server use anti-virus, anti-spyware software or data encryption and firewalls to protect against unauthorized access and intrusions?

If all this sounds a bit confusing, then its time to get a learning management system partner who specializes in secure online learning systems. One of the few reliable companies in this space is Telania, Inc. with the eLeaP Learning Management System platform.

Because eLeaP is a hosted secure training solution, you don’t need to worry about the nuts and bolts of all the security concerns outlines above. Of course you still want to make sure the wrong people in your organization don’t get access to your secure content.

So to recap:

How secure is your online learning system?

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Learning Summit 2007

“Tools for SCORM®: What We Have and What We Need”

Tuesday 30 October – Wednesday 31 October 2007

Pre-conference Workshop: “Implementing SCORM®”

Monday 29 October 2007

FedEx Institute of Technology, Memphis, TN


You don’t want to miss the chance to actively participate in this open forum addressing current issues in the SCORM® community. Facilitated focus and panel group discussions will address the theme “Tools for SCORM®: What We Have and What We Need” in this meeting which brings together eLearning organizations and experts from around the world to highlight some of the latest technologies and project areas for growth and development in SCORM®.

eLearning Summit 2007

30/­31 October 2007

October 29, 2007 – Pre-conference Workshop

University of Memphis in
Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Workforce ADL


Why You Should Attend

No other conference in ADL history has been especially designed to address the particular needs of the SCORM user: Instructional Designers, Training Managers, Learning Officers, and Representatives of the industry and education sectors. ELearning Summit 2007 is a great opportunity for you to:

*  network and build relationships within the community
*  critically evaluate tools/utilities for SCORM
*  participate in discussion groups addressing future needs
*  understand the advanced technical underpinnings for future learning systems

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They said the paperless office was going to save radically save money, trees and the environment. This was back in 1975 (Business Week). Perhaps at the risk of sounding passe, how can e-learning and web-based business training play into the whole Green is Good revolution going on.

From designing online training courses, to virtual registration and course assignments to completion quizzes and automatic certificate generation for users, e-learning and business training software is evolved to enable us make some real steps towards realizing some of the benefits espoused in the “paperless office” revolution.

Now that we are in presidential politics hyper mode, why don’t I hear any of the candidates talk about the potential of e-learning to “wean us from our addiction to ..” whatever is evil in our environmental consciousness.

I personally believe there is a business case to be made about the savings that can be experience from less travel, less hard copy printing, less time spent on manually managing corporate performance and talent development. If you are an HR professional, you probably have had your fill with all the “fires you put out each day”. Tracking an employees compliance and training completions is one more diversion. I challenge you to explore business training using e-learning training software. See if you can leverage this uniquely powerful medium to transform your organization into a green entity… after all that is a powerful marketing message.




Small businesses drawing promising prospects but not making deals may have to spend more time listening to their customers. The best way to get a client is to sell them what they want. When one business knows more about a client than another company does, it has the upper hand. Customer service training is crucial for meeting this goal. Clients must always be handled one person at a time, and instructing a business’ employees will give a company a leg up over rivals who do not train. Training includes market/product awareness, so that when the client contacts the business, employees are completely ready to conduct the sale. Training is the leading protection against higher competition. Although some small businesses worry that they could lose their workers after training them, that risk needs to be compared to what could occur if they do not train their employees and they remain.

Akron Beacon Journal (OH)




I recently came across DarfurisDying.com. No its not just another advocacy website. This website uses gaming to introduce visitors to the simulations of living and surviving in a refugee camp in Darfur. Needless to say, I ended up loosing all members of my camp. But the experience, virtual though it was, was truly surreal.

This brings me to this post. How can organizations use simulations or games to engage employees or staff to discuss and strategize various scenarios.

Have you used immersive learning simulations or games in your training or e-learning programs. How can training software systems be leveraged to produce high powered trainings such as saving a refugee camp? I can see virtual “apprentice” simulations.

In many ways the military has used simulations in training for foreign deployment. These games have no doubt saved many lives and enhanced many outcomes.

Let us know how you use immersive learning simulations or games in your e-learning or corporate training programs. Does your learning management system enable you load games or simulations? If not tell us what your experiences have been.



According to the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) in UK, women are resigning in increasing numbers because of lack of training and development opportunities.

From a rate of 5.5% in 2005, resignation rates rose to 7.2% in 2006. One of the most common reasons given for women resigning was lack of proper training.

CMI spokesman Mike Petrook said: “Women are saying that unless they
are given the training and development opportunities they want at work,
they will move on elsewhere. Employers need to act to reverse the trend.

“A lot of employers are saying to us [the CMI] that they know they are not giving enough training and development.”

How can companies be proactive and institute training policies to combat these rising rates of resignation.



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