For much of the last decade big name companies have invested in e-learning technologies and system. From IBM, to Microsoft to Caterpillar, many fortune 100 companies have reaped the benefits of e-learning and online corporate universities.

Looks like the is a significant shift in direction though. While it trendy to tout the benefits of e-learning for in reducing cost, encourage organizational-wide talent development and nurturing and fostering skills development, a growing number of companies have started to worry about “top-line growth rather than bottom-line cuts to their workforce” – Sue Todd, president of Corporate University Xchange.

The traditional concept and structure of corporate universities is also undergoing some interesting changes as companies move away from offering huge catalogs of training materials “which most employees ignore anyway,” to central or shared-services concept in which the learning organizations focus “more heavily on strategy, alignment, measurement and performance consulting” — according to Bersin & Associates, a California-based firm specializing in tracking trends in e-learning and corporate training.


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