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We live in an increasingly global village. We are interconnected on multiple levels and our workforce needs to not only reflect that, it needs to be sensitive to the needs of a global workforce.

In that regard the Houston Chronicle is reporting that US employers are set to increase spending on Diversity training in this year.

“Nearly three-fourths of U.S. employers plan to increase or maintain spending on diversity training this year, according to a recent survey from the Novations Group.” Read more about Globalization and Diversity training at the Houston Chronicle.

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When it comes to motivating employees of members of your staff .. how do you rank? Are you the proverbial “Dilbert-type” manager? According Harvard Business Publishing … you don’t need to worry about how motivated your employees are … they are pretty much self-motivated when they join your staff….

The question is .. what do you do to them in like 6 months to 1 year…? Do they still have the twinkle in their eyes? Do they still answer the phones with the cheery “thanks for calling bla bla… how can I help ..?” or do they bark “..what?”

Maybe you have seriously demotivated them and you need to work on that .. How you ask? Well I could give you all kinds of reasons but why don’t you click to read the HBSP article….

And by the way … not having the skills to do their jobs can be a real downer …. try e-learning and more training. I know I know .. it can be expensive .. Not if you have eLeaP e-Learning Systems (www.eleapsoftware.com)

Stay positive!



Huum what to do about all the technological “breakthroughs” in miniaturization and digital media? I know it get really confusing these days. Turn around and judges are blocking your favorite video sharing site, blink and you will miss the invasion of normandy by Myspace … you will think we were back in the heady days or irrational exuberance …..

But alas, I am glad to see GM is still working on Electric Concept cars… neat .. and the 24 is still the best darn TV show … can’t wait for the season opener..



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